Proximity glasses for presbyopes aged 40 and over

Our computer glasses for presbyopia are equipped with Varionet proximity lenses (also called digressive lenses, mid-distance lenses or depth-of-field lenses). Varionet lens technology is the most efficient for near vision. It makes it possible to combine near vision and high quality intermediate vision. Thanks to their wide and scalable vision zones, our lenses offer comfort, precision and continuity at short and medium distance, for office work, on the computer and other sedentary activities requiring precision.

Varionet lenses are high definition digressive lenses. The softness of the degressions (transition from near vision to intermediate vision) of our lenses guarantees the wearer not only visual well-being, but also immediate and easy adaptation, while allowing him to maintain a natural physiological posture when wearing. of head.

In addition, the proper head posture induced by our computer glasses to correct presbyopia helps to avoid back, neck and shoulder pain.


Adopt the right ergonomic reflexes in front of the screen!


The use of adequate computer glasses is not enough for your comfort in front of the screen. You must also have the right reflexes and postures to minimize visual fatigue, stress and various muscle pains!

The 10 little tips from Vario net that are very easy to implement:


⦁ The top of the screen should be on the horizontal line of the eyes. For laptop users use a booster station .

⦁ The monitor should be perpendicular to the window for ideal brightness.

⦁ Turn your eyes away from the screen regularly (every 20 minutes): look away to rest your eyes and blink your eyes to avoid dry eyes, for 1 minute.

⦁ Adjust the screen for a bright background, optimal brightness and contrast.

⦁ Use a liquid crystal screen which will give off less heat and radiation than a cathode ray screen.

⦁ Place the screen 60-70 cm from the face

⦁ Adopt a straight posture (back and neck) – raise your chin and bring your shoulders back

⦁ Place your feet flat on the ground and do not cross them

⦁ Raise the knees slightly above the hips for better blood circulation (use a footrest)

⦁ Wrists should be lower than elbows when your hands rest on the keyboard


Warning : work on screen, due to its requirements, can reveal vision abnormalities and therefore it is advisable to consult an ophthalmologist.


The Vario net innovation is also its simplicity , it allows you to buy your presbyopia glasses without a prescription in just a few clicks.

In addition, the Vario net technology allows you to have not only near but also clear intermediate vision unlike the glasses you find in pharmacies.

For 99% of presbyopia, your vision deteriorates in a programmed way, so the human eye does.

Each age group corresponds to a diopter that will ensure clear vision and optimal visual comfort.

From 18 to 39 years old: Anti-blue light glasses without correction that protect you from screen reflections.

From 40 to 45 years old: Presbyopic glasses +1.00

From 45 to 55 years old: Presbyopic glasses +1.50

From 50 to 55 years old: Presbyopic glasses +2.00

From 55 to 60 years old: Presbyopic glasses +2.50

From 60 to 65 years old: Presbyopic glasses +3.00

After 65: Presbyopic glasses +3.50