The solution adapted to the needs of presbyopes in front of the computer

The idea of ​​Varionet computer reading glasses equipped with multi-distance lenses was born from the following observations:

  • The majority of the population spends an increasing amount of time in front of screens: computers , tablets, smartphone, I-phone, Blackberry, Android, I-pad... both for work and leisure.

According to a study by Médiamétrie, 85.2% of French people over 2 years old and Europeans connect to the Internet every day. Everyone spends an average of 2h39 per day surfing the web for leisure.

And the age category of 40-65 years is part of this phenomenon of adoption.

  • After 40, the eyes age and it is more difficult to spot objects in the intermediate zone of vision . Even if the vision is corrected to see from far or near, a digressive correction is the most appropriate because it allows clearer vision in intermediate vision (distance from the screen).

Who uses Varionet glasses?

Varionet glasses are particularly suitable for the following user profiles:

  •  Regular users of reading glasses who want to increase their intermediate field of vision
  • Young people with presbyopia who want to benefit from comfortable near vision. This lens allows them to access the principle of the progressive lens without constraint
  • Usual wearers of progressive lenses who, in addition to their main glasses, are looking for more efficient additional equipment for near and intermediate vision. The Varionet proximity lens offers them reading comfort without reducing the width of field but retaining a certain depth synonymous with well-being.
  • Nearsighted people wearing contact lenses and needing extra equipment to correct their presbyopia

What are the advantages of Varionet?

Reading glasses for presbyopia, with Varionet lenses with a very wide vision corridor and soft degression, have been designed 100% for reading and computer work . A growing number of presbyopes are adopting Varionet for the following advantages:

  • immediate visual comfort, no adaptation time
  • wearing the glasses against the base of the nose allowing the head to be worn straight in front of the screen
  • and above all the best performance/price ratio on the market with its very affordable price

An important feature of the Varionet magnifying glasses is that they are worn like eyeglasses with a straight head port facing the computer screen. It therefore makes it possible to minimize the pain associated with tilting the head either forwards (problem associated with the use of traditional magnifying glasses) or backwards (with progressive lenses).


Varionet Performance

As shown in the table below, Varionet reading glasses provide clear vision over a distance on average 3 times greater than that covered by conventional magnifying glasses.

Comparative diagram magnifying glasses and Varionet glasses

The Solution to Fight CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome

Today, more than 70% of computer users suffer from "CVS" or computer vision syndrome which results in various disorders such as:

  • visual eyestrain,
  • eye dryness,
  • eye irritation,
  • light sensitivity,
  • blurred vision,
  • back, neck and shoulder pain.

And 40-65 year olds are particularly affected by these symptoms. In addition to the need to blink regularly in order to avoid lacrimal insufficiency, to take regular breaks (every 15 minutes on average), to properly adjust the distance, the brightness and the contrast of the screen, as well as the luminosity of the immediate environment in order to minimize the effects of glare and reflection, the use of the correct lens correction and the wearing of the head induced by the glasses are essential in order to alleviate these problems.

Indeed, if a presbyopic person uses a simple vision correction of the magnifying glass type with single vision lenses, designed for a distance of 30-40 cm, this same person will have to lean towards the screen, which is about 60 cm away. , in order to obtain a sharp image.

If this person wears glasses with progressive lenses whose design is 80% designed for distance vision (upper field of the lens), they will have to tilt their head backwards while approaching, so that the vision section lower part of the lenses (for near vision) is in the correct position to see the screen.

Adequate vision correction with a so-called proximity decreasing lens thus contributes to eliminating the physical discomfort of the neck, shoulders and back, since it is no longer necessary to stretch the head upwards or to approach the screen.

Notice to bearer

 CAUTION ! Varionet computer reading glasses are extra glasses suitable only for presbyopic emmetropes , i.e. people over the age of 40 who do not have major visual defects (such as myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism). However, if you are myopic and wear contact lenses to correct your distance vision, Varionet glasses will help you accommodate your presbyopia effectively.

For regular use, it is advisable to consult an eye care professional.

Varionet reading glasses should never be used for driving vehicles. They do not compensate for visual defects and cannot be used as eye protection.