Don't forget Cyber ​​Monday!

Le Cyber monday : qu'est-ce que c’est ? Un peu d'histoire...

Le lundi 28 novembre 2022 ce sera le Cyber Monday ! Pourtant, aujourd’hui, c’est le Black Friday ! Mais quelle est la différence ? 

Ce terme est seulement apparu en 2005, il s'agit du lundi qui succède la Thanksgiving et le Black Friday. A la différence du Black Friday où les achats peuvent s’effectuer dans les magasins physiques comme en ligne, 

Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday?

Black Friday or “black Friday” has become a day that has become essential for trade around the world, both in terms of sales volume and preparation for Christmas. Stores and websites offer considerable promotions on certain products. This date like “cyber Monday” are traditions that come to us from the Americas.

Why not glasses with a nylon thread?

Semi-rimless glasses or Nylor glasses, what are they?

Semi-rimless glasses are frames whose strapping does not completely surround the lens, it is held by a robust nylon thread either on the top of the frame or more generally on the bottom of it. We can say that they are hybrid frames since they combine the minimalist design of rimless glasses and the style of rimless glasses. These semi-rimless glasses are available in metal, titanium or acetate and in different shapes and sizes.

Change of hours: what consequences on my vision?

Sunday, October 30 will be the day for the transition to winter time. Although it is generally appreciated by sleepers since we will spend an extra hour under the duvet, we will lose an hour of sun in the evening!
This change, combined with the days that are getting shorter, leads to disturbances and


The famous brand is 85 years old! However, launched in 1937 by the American company Bausch & Lomb, the Ray-Ba n brand still has a long way to go. Whether in sunglasses or eyeglasses , Ray-Ban glasses have won over many, young and old alike: it's an intergenerational brand!

Winter tips for your eyes

The cold winter air can wreak havoc on our skin, hair, nails and also our eyes ! Many believe that with less sunshine and lower temperatures our eyes no longer need protection; it is however the opposite with the cold and the dry air our eyes need even more attention and care.

On the way to the holidays

Summer holidays are coming and so are long car journeys… everyone wants to rest from the difficult past year! And the travel time, the many traffic jams are tiring and even dangerous. But a trip is being prepared, which is why every year many associations recommend that users do certain checks before departure.

5 tips and tricks to relieve tired eyes

Tired eyes, what is it?
Many people complain of eye fatigue, of having heavy, tired eyes. This can be caused by several reasons: lack of sleep, allergies or too much blue light . So we can look dejected and have swollen eyes, which shoot, which scratch like the feeling of the presence of sand in the eye!
One of the best remedies to soothe your eyes is a good night's sleep and, why not, a little nap! Without forgetting to take breaks when you are in front of a screen and wear an adequate pair of computer glasses .
Here are some tips to avoid the effects of eye strain this spring.
tired eyes

1. Watch out for allergies

Do you have an allergic tendency? Every allergy sufferer knows that they cause itchy, watery and irritated skin. This reaction is caused by histamine, released by your allergen sensitivity. Histamine in the immune response causes the dilation of blood vessels and causes unforgiving itching in the nose, mouth or eyes that allergy sufferers know perfectly well.

The increased blood flow and itching caused by allergies can cause your eyelids to swell. This is how your red eyes are also puffy and tired.

For anyone sensitive to various pollens, it's best to try to work indoors and cover your eyes well with curved protective goggles (sun or anti-fog) . In any case, talk to your doctor who will advise you best.

2. Take breaks from your screens

Confinement, teleworking and the digital age are wreaking havoc on our visual health. Even though technological progress offers various advantages, the many hours spent in front of screens of all kinds weaken our eyes. The influx of blue light, proximity work are unnatural and cause headaches, dry eyes... Combining short breaks with your long hours of screen will help you relieve the genes linked to eye fatigue digital.

The famous 20-20-20 rule

The 20-20-20 rule is perfect for short breaks. Every 20 minutes in front of the screen, look up and look 20m outside (avoid other screens!) for 20 seconds. This 20-second pause allows the eye muscles to relax because the eye is in a rest position for distance vision.

If you can, feel free to relax in your chair or stand for a few moments. By closing your eyes, stretch your neck, your arms, your legs... A few yoga postures or a micro-nap for some and you will be fresh and efficient again in front of your computer without visual fatigue!

3. How about a compress?

Cucumber slices, tea bags or compresses? Grandmother's remedies still and always used to relax the eyes and take care of yourself.

Alternating hot and cold compresses is often discussed. The hot will relax the palpebral muscles while the cold compress will increase blood circulation This solution is certainly easy and effective to help overworked eyes but it remains temporary. It is important to identify the real cause of this eye fatigue : visual problem, poor correction, screen abuse...

4. Hydrate your eyes

Dry eye is also a major cause of your drowsy eyes. Dry eye or dry eye syndrome can come from many factors: diet, age, medication...

In front of the screens, we are absorbed and "forget" to blink. This step is crucial because it allows the hydration and lubrication of the cornea and other visual organs . Regularly and at each pause blink your eyes exaggeratedly. It's a natural, simple, and surefire way to keep our eyes moist and clean.

Do you not think about it or is it not enough? Opt for saline. A few drops in the eye will give you great relief. For some this will not be enough, in this case, consult your ophthalmologist who will prescribe adequate eye drops.

Above all, remember to drink plenty of water. In general, in the event of dehydration, the first organs affected are the eyes and the skin, which take on a dull and withered appearance. Proper water intake is beneficial not only for your eyes, but also for your health.

5. Check your eyesight

You have been wearing your corrective glasses for a long time and have not had a visual examination for 2-3 years. Chances are your prescription is outdated and the cause of your fatigue. In general , vision changes over time and your correction may no longer meet your current needs.

A comprehensive eye and sight exam is recommended every two years. An ophthalmologist or an eye care professional can assess your problems and find a solution: a vision prescription, orthoptic rehabilitation or other recommendations...

Have you ever worn corrective glasses? It is possible that your vision has changed, your visual fatigue can be a signal: your eyes are now tired because they need adapted glasses to see correctly. In any case, for more prevention and comfort, choose anti-reflective anti-blue light glasses .

To find out, go to an optician or ophthalmologist for an eye exam.

Computer Glasses, a real utility for EVERYONE!

Computer glasses, anti-blue light glasses : everyone is talking about them! But do you know what it is exactly? What are they for ? And who are they for?

Whether you are under 40 and without visual defects or over 40 and presbyopic, and you work on a computer or spend a lot of time in front of screens at home, anti-blue light computer glasses are for you !

Young students or working people looking for visual comfort

Most students spend many hours in front of screens: Computer, tablet, telephone, they are "multi-screeners" and their eyes are constantly exposed to harmful artificial blue light, which causes them constant visual fatigue. In order to fight against this discomfort and to bring them real comfort in front of the screens, computer glasses are a high quality alternative.

Ray-Ban , Armani , Tom Ford blue light blocking glasses or even models at low prices , there is everything you need in our online optical store.

computer bezel

Presbyopic and connected, find a pleasant vision

Almost all presbyopes are “connected”! A great change in habits which today means that the over 40s remain young and “up to date”. However, no one is spared from the dangers and harmful effects of blue light. It is therefore important and necessary to protect yourself at any age against screens (let's not forget that the most important and irreversible risk of blue light is AMD, loss of central vision).

Whatever your correction , we offer this revolutionary treatment on all our rest and presbyopia lenses from +1.00 to +3.50.

To test them is to adopt them!


Reading glasses and degressive glasses

Reading glasses and presbyopic glasses Varionet

5 tips to stay trendy with computer glasses

Wearing glasses no longer means being old-fashioned, on the contrary.

Today many people wear glasses without correction to look older during a job interview, for example, or simply to have style.

Indeed, eyeglasses are now a real fashion accessory and many looks around glasses are available on the web, follow our advice to stay trendy with your glasses!

5 tips for working from home

Tips for optimal remote working

It's no secret that we are living in complex times; almost the whole world is confined and for a lot more work! Others, more fortunate, practice telework, at Varionet this is the case and do it regularly and we offer you some advice to make the most of this period.

blue light glasses for telecommuting

  • dress up

Try to keep a rhythm: get up at your usual working hours, shower, take care of yourself and get dressed. Don't spend all day in your pajamas with greasy hair...

  • isolate yourself

It is important to work well, to concentrate well, to have an office, a space dedicated to your work. A space where you can isolate yourself from the rest of the house, your family and which unconsciously will be associated with work.

  • Take the air

It is essential to get oxygen as much as possible. If you are lucky enough to have a garden or a balcony, go out several times during the day, breathe well and empty your mind... take short breaks to break the routine of confinement!

  • Be regular

It is very important to keep a regular rhythm : get up, eat, break… at the usual times. Set yourself a start and end time so you don't feel like you're doing just that. Keep your 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. for example.

  • rest your eyes

Telecommuting is synonymous with screens . You spend even more time in front of your various screens: PC, tablets, smartphones…. This is why it is essential to take regular breaks, yoga and wear blue light blocking glasses to reduce eye strain.

Pantone trend color of the year 2020

On December 5, the world reference for PANTONE colorimetry announced in an Instagram post the trend color of the year 2020.

Classic Blue, the new trendy color of 2020

After Living Coral in 2019, Classic Blue is the color of the year 2020. This midnight blue color is already very popular on social networks and interior magazines. The color is: Pantone 19-4052.

Blue surrounds us daily through the natural elements of our planet: water, sky, sea…. This color that adapts with all types of objects but also loved by all generations for its simplicity and elegance. It has a positive meaning through dreams, travels, discoveries, freshness or even wisdom.

Blue glasses at Varionet

At Varionet, we offer you very similar blue glasses of the 2020 trend color for all ages, whether you can associate with your clothes. The Varionet Relax pair of blue light blocking glasses , a very popular collection from our brand, which allows you to rest your eyes often exposed to digital screens. We also offer you the equally trendy pair of Versace glasses .

Sunglasses Versace 19V69 V 7050 C.6 BLUE AND RED